Winston Joefield

Payroll and Tax Specialist

10111 Martin Luther King, Jr. Hwy, Suite #118,
Bowie, MD 20720

Telephone: (301) 429-0500
Facsimile: (301) 429-2369


The success of your business, large or small, is hinged on effective payroll management. An error with payroll can demoralize your business, leading to low employee engagement, reduced productivity, and high turnover. Any one of these could negatively impact business, but a combination could be devastating. In addition to accurate and timely employee payment, the employer is responsible for withholding, remitting, and filing Federal and State Taxes. This can be a daunting task, as an error in withholding, remitting, or filing Federal and State Taxes can result in penalties and fees.

Our payroll department, led by Winston Joefield, has the experience and infrastructure to accurately and timely process payroll, while keeping your company compliant with Federal and State tax requirements.